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3D Scanning Scanning (Structured Light & LASER)

Zip-Bit's 3D Scanning Process

  1. Zip-Bit uses custom designed & built goniometer for 3D scanning, enabling the objects to be scanned in a full hemispherical  (180° x 360°) multiple facets.
  2. Zip-Bit uses state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology.  Using Euclidean geometry (trigonometric triangulation) methods, Zip-Bit’s in-house 3D scanners deliver incredibly fast scans for any object, accurate to 30µm (standard deviation: 35µm) ±0.0012 inches (standard deviation: ±0.0014 inches). .
  3.  Point cloud and mesh datum sets are produced by the 3D scanners. These can be directly exported as .STL (STereoLithography) files commonly used in 3D printing and CNC.  
  4. Using Geomagic's Design X (formally INUS RapidForm XOR3 64bit) application software, the point cloud and the poly-mesh datum is repaired, converted into NURBS surface models which can be measured, manipulated and turned into parametric models with full feature trees for examination of individual features.
  5. To ensure  3D scan datum accuracy,  Zip-Bit calibrates all its 3D scanners using 3D scanning "Ballbar Tuning" artifact with a nominal center-to center distance of 100mm (3.9370") and a sphere diameter of 25.4mm (1.00000") accurate to ±10 millionths of an inch at 20 degrees C (68 degrees F), N.I.S.T. certified 681/280800-11 (certificate 227086) and then verifies the features being 3D Modeled with digital dial calipers, accurate down to within ±0.001 of an inch, producing extremely accurate 3D Models.

The Zip-Bit Difference

Zip-Bit’s 3D Scanning Service is one of the quickest, creating 3D data sets with 25,000,000 points or more, for supreme accuracy producing CAD models for CNC fabrication, used in manufacturing.  Zip-Bit’s 3D scanners, used in conjunction with parametric modeling, allow for precise scaling in all dimensions to create unique variations of any object producing high accuracy 3D CAD files. 

The Zip-Bit Deliverables

  • Accurate 3D CAD files both surface and solid models produced from high accuracy, high resolution 3D scanning.  CAD outputs in various formats*
  • 2D & 3D Inspection reports & analysis
  • On-site scanning if required

Zip-Bit Scanners

  • COMET LƎD  by Steinbichler Optotechnik - 3D LED Structured Light (SL) Scanning Technology -  uses innovative blue (near UV - smaller wave length) LED lighting technology with single-camera technology and Zeiss optics to create a complete measurement setup that is ultra-compact, lightweight portability, sensationally fast measurement time, delivering excellent data quality and highly accurate results.
  • GO!SCAN3D by CREAFORMS   3D Structured Light (SL) Scanning Technology  - Portable, accurate and reliable, this scanner uses LED technology and bypasses preparation steps and specific set-ups, provides a large scanning area as well as a very fast measurement rate, and does not require manual data post-processing.
  • HDI ADVANCE R2 by 3D3 Solutions – 3D Structured Light (SL) Scanning Technology - 3D3 Solutions’ HDI ADVANCE R2, a high definition imaging (HDI) 3D SL (Structured Light) uses projected white light patterns and a two 5 megapixel camera system for measuring the three-dimensional shape of an object, capturing objects with a wide range of shapes and sizes. The HDI ADVANCE R2 has acquisition speeds of 1.7 million points in a single 1.4 second scan.
  • NextEngine HD 3D LASER by NextEngine - 3D LASER Scanning Technology - The NextEngine’s HD 3D LASER scanner is equipped with acquisition speeds of 50,000 points per second and textural density capture capabilities up to 400 points per inch. This technology has no preset object size limit—larger objects can be composite scanned in multiple stages.
  • SLS-1 by DAVID Vision Systems GmbH – 3D SL and 3D LASER Scanning Technology - DAVID Vision 3D scanners range include both 3D SL and 3D LASER technologies to produce high quality 3D scanning for DIY beginners. Zip-Bit is a U.S. importer and reseller or all DAVID Vision products.


3D Scanning Overview (from simple to complex)

In the past, engineers relied on manual measurements using calipers and micrometers if they needed to replicate or modify an object. In the 1970s, computer controlled XYZ robots with coordinate contact measuring machines (CMMs) were introduced which made 3D scanning possible, but measurement was still time consuming and produced only limited datum sets, especially with more complex objects, 3D scanning of more organic shapes was nearly impossible. 3D scanning using photon capture (laser and structured light) has revolutionized this space.

Zip-Bit scans objects of any size, from coins to armored tanks in 3D using non-contact Structured Light (SL) or LASER technology and provides clients with accurate CAD files of the scanned objects. The scanned object can also be delivered in 3D printed replica.  Zip-Bit’s expertise in high resolution 3D scanning and high accuracy 3D CAD creation is exemplary.

For a general reference on the various types of 3D Scanners, please check out 3D Systems's Geomagic 3D Scanners A guide to 3D scanner technology

See Zip-Bit's FAQ for 3D Scanning

Zip-Bit is one of the nation’s few independent, full-service providers of 3D Engineering Services, 3D Digitizing and 3D Printing Services

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