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3D Reverse Engineering Modeling

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Heart pump – sketch before 3D digitizing

What do you do when you do not have the CAD drawings ?

Zip-Bit’s Reverse Engineering Modeling service is the ideal way to recreate an existing object without having the original CAD files or design data. No matter if the original designers of the item in question have gone out of business, if the design documents were accidentally thrown out, or if the associated computer files have become corrupted, outdated, or unusable, or there never was any documentation, Zip-Bit’s Reverse Engineering Modeling process can create an exact replica.

With Zip-Bit’s 3D Digitizing capabilities, we can create a complete in depth scan of your object, and with our in-house 3D Printing processes, manufacture the scanned data as an ABS plastic model. And, if the item you created years ago now requires added physical features, updated ergonomic design, or just needs to be bigger or smaller, Zip-Bit can make the adjustments you need prior to replication.

Our Reverse Engineering Processes

Our Reverse Engineering Modeling processes are also ideal for artists who wish to make copies of their sculptures or statues. Rather than attempting the painstaking and incredibly difficult process of trying to duplicate your three-dimensional artwork by hand, Zip-Bit’s 3D Digitizing and 3D Printing services will give you an exact reproduction in a fraction of the time. Whether you need copies of your artwork for additional sales or just to expand your creative project, Zip-Bit makes it easy to create replicas with supreme precision. And, our 3D models can be used to create master patterns and/or molds for mass production.

Mass Customization

Zip-Bit’s Reverse Engineering Modeling capabilities can also be used for mass customization of commoditized products. Mass customization is becoming a larger and larger consumer trend, as we move from a “disposable” society to a “recyclable” one. Products are being designed to last longer, and consumers will want these products to meet their exact requirements, both functionally and aesthetically. Using Zip-Bit’s 3D Digitizing to create multiple design variations of an item, it can be tweaked in any number of ways to customize the end product for individual users’ preferences. Our 3D Printing can then fabricate any and all customized variations of the end product.

Contact Zip-Bit for more details on how you can use our Reverse Engineering Modeling services to replicate or redesign your item, or engineer your product for mass customization.

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