3D Engineering Services

Located in the foothills of Silicon Valley, Zip-Bit, Inc. has over 10 years of experience providing 3D Scanning3D Modeling, 3D Printing and 3D Rapid Prototyping  engineering services  for all businesses from technology start-ups to multinationals, spanning across ALL sectors of consumer goods, medical devices, automotive industry, manufacturing, military, science, education, and the arts.   Specializing in projects for niche markets and in producing unique one-off and limited custom runs.

3D Scanning
LASER & Structured Light

Zip-Bit takes physical objects and using photons (light), converts the surface shape & features, into digital information via our in-house 3D Scanning Services.

3D Modeling
NURBS, Surface & Solid, Parametric

Zip-Bit utilizes state of the art CAD applications to produce 3D Models from 3D Scan datum, formal CAD models/drawing or your sketches with the utmost accuracy currently possible.

3D Scanning (laser) Amazon Kindle
3D Scanning (laser) Amazon Kindle

3D Modeling (surface alignment) Amazon Kindle
3D Modeling (surface alignment) Amazon Kindle

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3D Printing
in house - FDM (FFF) / SLP (DLP3DP)
 networked - DMLS / PolyJet / ProJet / SDL / SLA / SLS

Zip-Bit provides step by step guidance, from analysis of your CAD files, part placement & orientation, through selection of optimal 3D Printing technologies to ensure your 3D Printing project's successful build and delivery.

3D Printed (FDM) Grammy Statuette
Stratasys 3D Printed (FDM) Grammy Statuette

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